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Gemstone Consultation

Gemstone Consultation:

Not all gemstones are lucky for Everyone and the Gemstone suitable for one person might be very harmful for the other so to know the perfect gemstone for your life you should take the Gemstone Advice from a very qualified Astrologer. As this process requires a lot of typical calculations and Analysis so only an expert and Experienced Astrologer can tell you about the most suitable gemstone you should wear. We effortlessly work towards analyzing and advising you about most suitable birthstone for you.

there may be instances when none of the nine gems are recommendable for a person; in such cases, we advise the use of specific mantra or other remedies and not any gem-stone.When you consult us, we will guide you through the following areas of concerns along with advising you about the suitable gemstone:

A Gemstone maybe good for a person but at the same time you need to assure whether it is a genuinly required for you to wear a gemstone or it may go only by following the other Astrological remedies.

We will guide you whether wearing a gem-stone would really fulfill the purpose of wearing it.

Whether you should continue with the gem-stone already you are wearing or you need to remove it.

What should be the weight of the gem-stone and in which finger it should be worn.

In which metal a gemstone should be worn to bring you luck and make your fortune better.

Which mantras are required to purify a gemstone before wearing it to make it luckier for you and to remove any negative energy from it?

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