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Love Marriage

Love rules the Human's Heart! Love is on your mind every time and you give utmost importance to your beloved. Not everyone meet with the dream prince or princess. In addition it is not essential that your dream prince/princess make you feel special or the way you want.

Husband wife problems

Match Making

Horoscope Matching Report or Kundli Match is not just an ordinary report but one of the most important one. It helps you at the most crucial time of your life where even a slightest ignorance of it could land you in a life of sorrows & tensions

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Career Guidance

A profession Report is prepared by professional astrology experts with the help of financial astrology report who after detailed analysis of planetary configurations put in those facts and reasons, which always hindered you, to be an extraordinary professional and privileged when compared with your colleagues having fewer qualities than you.

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After Marriage problem solutions

Marriage is the legal formation of two people with each other with the truth andunderstanding. Marriage has the emotional touch and feeling between husband and wife. In India and across there are many culture and religion, so that belief of the individual are different.

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Vast is wide subject to describe and actually makes a big impact on your life.Vastu shastra depends on different energies that originates from atmosphere like solar energy from sun, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy. Etc.

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Read What Our Clients Say About Us

Abhishek Sinha

Really professional person has a genuine vibe provides practical and reasonable solutions and above all keeps and touch even after you have paid the amount.

Pawan Das

Ankit is not like old era Astrologers. He is modern Astrologer and explain you everything in all modern and easy way. Ankit makes astrology actually easy to follow and to believe as well. Surely recommend. Thanks Ankit

Parth Singh

I was going through tough time in my studies and my mom consulted Ankit ji fir me. He asked my mom to ask me to call him. I called him and had a discussion for over 20 min. He explained me everything about my kundli very well and suggested me to wear a stone and a mantra jap daily in morning. It helped me a lot in concentrating on my studies.

Pallavi Ghosh

I found him very helpful and genuine person as an Astrologer. He made me understand everything very clearly with lot of patience and in effective way. He suggested me all natural things to do, to improve my Stars position.

Binod kumar

My sister was asking me to consult him for 5 months but I was ignoring her. Now I can see as why she trusts him so much. I am feeling highly positive after consulting him. I will follow all suggestions and hope everything will be sorted. But I can actually see a good human being In him and have a faith as well.


He made astrology so simple for me. He explained me every bit of my kundli in a very calm manner. I m actually impressed with his knowledge and his confidence about his predictions.

Bhawna Paliwal

I consulted Ankit ji after being referred by my mama ji. I met him and discussed all my problems with him. He listened to me very carefully and studied my kundli. He told me few things about my family and my parents and also advised me a pooja and a mantra jap. I m doing it for 7 months now and it is definitely helping to achieve my goals.

Bittu tiwari

Thanks for being so understanding sir. It was a great discussion with you. I never felt like I m talking to an Astrologer. He treats you like a family member or friend and helps you in every possible way to get rid of any tough situation.

shikha gupta

Very practical and experienced person. Gives you true advice. Easily approachable and helpful as well. For sure recommended to all for any problem

prerna singh

A massive Thanks for sharing your thoughts and leading my in correct direction. Amazing person and no attitude at all. I met many Astrologers even on urban clap but he is completely different from others. His knowledge in astrology is superb and he has a good experience of reading charts as well. 100% trusted person

sumitra nandan

Thanks sir for visiting our home. I and my husband are really impressed with the way you explained all root causes of problems. I have started following everything you suggested us and feeling far better than before. My husband is also thankful to you for helping him in his business. As his business is growing now. Please keep ur blessings sir with our family. I will Advice everyone to consult at any tough face of ur life to get easy solutions.

amrit singh

Good knowledge in astrology with great sense of humor.

janki awasthi

He is knowledgeable and helpful person. He treats astrology as his passion not as his business. Which is great part. He suggested me some basic changes to us as pet vastu and things changed surprisingly. Good work Ankit ji.

jeetu sharma

Mr. Tyagi is a good Astrologer, who has a gud knowledge in his field. He predicted me 2 years back about my wife and it actually happened. Thank you mr. Tyagi. Looking forward to discuss about some serious thing as well.


Thank you so very much Ankit for helping me. i was really confused but you directed me to correct way. I am really greatfull to you. He always provides you Simple solution with no confusion.


Ankit sir is a good human being and helpful at any time. He is available any time for u without being money minded. He knows Astrology very well and describes everything in details.

Amit sahgal

Honest person and true advice, no unnecessary remedies, only genuine discussion. Thanks Recommend definitely

Amit kumar

I met him few months ago and found him really helpful. He gave me enough time and listened to all my query patiently and responded. I was struggling for my career. He suggested me some pooja and jap, and it worked for me. I got a nice job in just after 3 months as he told me. Thanks a lot Sir

Anshu garg

Well, good knowledge in astrology and very helpful. Does not ask for money again and again like other Astrologers. I was referred to him by my hubby's friend and has only paid him twice once I consulted 1st and once I called him at my home for a vastu visit. My advice all to consult without hesitation.

Sankhya varma

Ankit ji is not only an Astrologer but he is very nice and genuinely helpful person. I have been following him for more than 4 yrs now and referred him to lots of friends of mine and Ankit ji has always prooved me absolutely correct. When i met him 1st, felt tike he is very young hence may not have enough knowledge but he is superknowledgeable. What ever he suggested me, later or sooner everything has come true. I will always keep troubling you Ankit ji.

Ankita chauhan

Tyagi ji is nice person. Ready to help any time. He is not money minded at all like other Astrologers. He gives you honest and genuine suggestions 100 % Recmonded to all.

Aman kumar

Truly a good person. Definitely recommend to everyone at any tough face of ur life.

Vanshika teotia

Great explanation of my kundli. Point to point discussion buy very detailed. Highly knowledgeable with lots of experience. Keep the good work


Hello Tyagi ji, It was good decision to consult you. You actually opened my eyes by telling me all truth. No Astrologer like you sir. You are not only an Astrologer but also a nice person who leads to the correct path. Keep ur blessings with me. Thanks.

Priyanka delhi

I discussed him about my marrige life and my career. He gave me easy solutions and told me route cause of my problems. Nice work sir. I will always be in touch with you

Vimal solan

Namaskar Tyagi ji, I invited him at my home for a vastu visit and to discuss my daughter's kundli. He has a different way of doing astrology. He is not like old Astrologers. He explained us all the facts and advised few remedies as well. He has good knowledge in his area.

Samriddhi seth

I m still impressed with his knowledge in astrology. He can predict about things easily. He told me few things, which was unbelievable but true. Not possible to find this type of person easily.


Hello Ankit ji. Lots of Thanks to sort out my problems. I started following your suggestions 4 months back and started feeling difference in 5 weeks only. And now in 4 months my problems are 90%gone. I will always be in touch with you.

Amita singhal

I was going through a very tough time of my life. Thank God I found his no and consulted him. He was telling me everything so nicely and in details. He told me all root causes of my problems and suggested me some pooja and other easy remedies to do at my home. And it worked like anything. Do not have enough words to Thank him. I will always need your guidance

Rakhi Arora

I am follower of astrology for long time and have met 100s of astrologers. But no one explained me the way Mr. Tyagi did. He has great experience with deep knowledge in astrology. Lots of Thanks to him for doing this great work.

Pooja singh

I consulted him regarding my family issues and my career. He gave me a yantra which actually worked in few months as he suggested. I did not used to believe in astrology but after consulting him and seeing result, I m big follower of Ankit ji.

Sudheer singh delhi

Ankit ji is a genuine Astrologer, who knows astrology very well. He suggests u very basic changes to ur lifestyle and some pooja. And result is there. Keep doing great work


Amazing personality with lots of knowledge but very calm. Truly appreciated and recommend.

Charu kashyap

Thanks Ankit sir for ur advise. I m highly greatfull to u for giving me this much time. In fact I paid him once and asked him lot of questions and after that I hv consulted him 3 times but he has not asked for money again. Really a nice person. I will always be in touch with you. 100% Recommend to everyone.

kumkum lucknow

Hi all, he is a good Astrologer with very good knowledge and experience. He does not tell u only as per astrology but also connect it with your daily life to make things easier for you. Any time approachable and down to earth. Feeling better after started following your suggestions.

Swati rajput

Thanks Ankit ji for leading me to accurate direction. I was really confused about my career and marrige. U told me everything so nicely. I m feeling motivated after this consultation. He is great and genuine person and kind hearted as well.

Hemraj singh

Great knowledge with good experience. Point to point discussion with good explanation about everything. Easy to follow remedies and very practical as well. Over all he is a nice person and a good decision to consult him.


Good way of reading and explaining facts. In short he tells you everything honestly and does not force you to spend too much money on remedies. Cost effective remedies but truly effective. Far Better than old age astrologers Must must recommend

Chaman singh pune

I found his no from Google but thought he is far away. But than I called him and after talking to him I felt I should go for his consultation. His knowledge and way of explaining facts is really amazing and completely different from other typical jyotish. Thanks Ankit for leading me through a good way. I will always be in touch with you.

Shipra singh

This was first time for me but I had a great experience with you Ankit ji. Great knowledge and very good way of explaining each and every part of my kundli. Must recommend Ankit ji for any issues you face in life.

Sarita anand banglore

A big Thanks to Ankit ji for saving our life. Me n my husband was not at all talking to each other and planning for divorce. Than one of my friends advised me to consult him. It was not possible to meet since he is in ghaziabad and we are in Bangalore. When i called him he assured me and suggested me to go for on phone consultation. I consulted him and requested my husband to consult him. He suggested us some pooja and few easy remedies. We started following and there was miracle change just in few weeks and we decided to stay together. Please keep ur blessings with us Ankit ji


I consulted many Astrologers before I met Ankit. But everyone was so expensive. When i met Ankit, he suggested me a simple yantra and a pooja at my home. Its been more than 2 months and things have improved a lot. Anyone must consult him to get accurate advice.

Ashok n.

More than a astrologer he is a good human being, who understands ur situation and guide you accordingly. One can feel difference after consulting him. Thanks for making my life easier sir. God bless you.

Sumit singh

Point to point discussion with easy remedies. High level of knowledge with good sense of humor. Very friendly person. Recommend to all

chandan gulati

It was so wonderful to see someone explaining me the position of Stars in my kundli in this way. What an amazing personality. You made astrology very intresting for me. Very practical knowledge and good experience.

Pushpa dubey

One of the great decision to consult u Ankit sir. I got many calls but after talking to you I felt confident and decided to consult you. Great knowledge with great sense. Very practical discussion with easy to follow remedies. Ankit ji is a great Astrologer, Recommend to everyone at any tough face of life.


It was a good experience. Crisp and point to point consultation. Simple solutions. Hope things work out. Thanks a lot.

sanjay rana

I m surprised with ur predictions. What ever u told me was absolutely correct. Ankit advised me some remedies which also worked and made my life happy I w always be in touch with you

nidhi sharma delhi

Its been grt experience talking to u. I have got all answers which I wanna knw. Looking frwrd for precious advices for othr concerns in near future... Thanks

monika chauhan

Hi Ankit sir, it was pleasant talking to u, as I do not believe astrology a lot but after talking to you I started. it was more over practical conversation with very simple remedies, which surely I m going to follow. I like your practical approach, plus astrology knowledge, nyc combination. U gave us ample of time to understand our doubt. Will be in contact you sure.


Ankit ji is a blessed person by god. His predictions are absolutely accurate. He is not like other astrologers who only work for money. He is not at all money minded and suggests you simple / low cost but effective remedies, which actually works. Thanks Ankit sir